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Contact was created to give ATA (American Taekwondo Association) school owners and instructors a quick and affordable source for professionally created business cards and post cards, made just for them.

The cards are designed by a professional graphic designer and 4th Degree Black Belt in the ATA, David S. Leverich.

Why ATAcards?

After taking a look at my own instructor's needs, I found that I could help. I have been in the Advertising and Design industry for over 20 years now, and a long time back, I realized that I could use my knowledge to benefit my fellow instructors and the ATA family.

Most school owners take either a CD of logos or a printed piece to their local printer and say, 'I need business cards'.

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Things to think about:

  1. Time... As a school owner, is my time a precious commodity?
  2. Design... My school is great, ATA is great, don't I want cards that show that?
  3. Cost... I paid an arm and a leg for my last cards,
    and I wasn't really happy with them. But can I get better ones?

Allow to fix these problems. This should be you.

  1. Time - I think it took me a couple minutes to enter my information.
    That's it, no explaining, no trying to find a CD with logos,
    no running to the printer and taking time out of my busy schedule.
  2. Design - I already picked out the design that I liked best, and it's perfect for my school.
  3. Cost - Can you believe I got 1000 full-color business cards for $99?
    And they were nice! Thick AND UV coated! I bet these things could
    do some damage in a star throwing contest.

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When you are ready to pick out your new business cards, please click on the Business Cards link on the upper left.
If you still have questions, click on the FAQ's chevron above, or Email us with any other questions or comments. We thank everyone for your patience in waiting for the site to be authorized and look forward to making your ATAcards!

- David S. Leverich.

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